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PopARTful - Brussels Sprouts

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Everything Under Control - Yoga

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It's Electric - Bok Choy

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Fan Favorite - Biking Avocado

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A Nudge and A Wink - Couch Potato

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Queen Pea

Neon Everything!!

PopARTful - Beets

Stud Stud ...Stud Spud

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Southern Roots - GA Peanuts

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Cool as a Cucumber

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Find Us at SW Farmers' Market

4th St and M St SW
Washington, DC 20024


9:00 am - 1:00 pm ET

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About Crazy Uncle

I am a public health professional and passionate about being an uncle to 13 nieces and nephews. The idea for Crazy Uncle Creations, LLC started during a visit home for Thanksgiving in 2017. Upon seeing my five year-old niece wearing a Tshirt will a cartoon pizza, cookie, and cupcake, an idea hit me! If we can sell unhealthy foods, then surely we can sell more healthy food options for people to wear and decorate their homes. At Crazy Uncle, I apply creative thinking to appeal healthy alternatives such as avocado, beets, and chayote to kids and adults. Based in Washington, DC, my designs are hand-drawn, fun, and full of bold color!